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Computer peripherals

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It all started with A love for gaming and a pet peeve

Imagine this. You've recently bought that gaming headphones you've been eyeing some time. You're so happy with your purchase that you went around telling everyone about it. But wait. Someone told you they bought the exact same headphones you did, but at a better price. Another said they bought one of better quality with the same amount you had spent. You find yourself feeling frustrated (or 'sian' in Singlish) about your purchase. Don't you just hate that feeling? We did, and we know it all too well. 


"That's why, at 4KingOfficialSG, we strive to offer you with

the best quality products for your buck."


Here's how we do it:

- We don't let ourselves get influenced by marketing. Instead, we read and understand product specifications. 

- We purchase the products we deemed superior and test it before listing it on the website.

- We have a vast network of manufacturer contacts to capitalize on after years of finding quality products at the best price for ourselves

"We have a goal to make the gaming industry more prominent in Singapore.

So Singaporeans like us who loves gaming can make a living doing what they love."

Here's what we are doing thus far:

- Sponsored Dominaticus Esports, a Singapore Esports Organization. They are doing a fantastic job in aiding us in this goal through hosting local tournaments (e.g., Singapore Starcraft League 2021), providing free coaching at community clubs (e.g., Glyph). Do contact them if you are interested. Click here for more info.

- Provide exceptional services to aid gamers in their gaming endeavors (e.g., paid contracts) 

Like what we do? Join us. 

best selLERS 


Well, don't just listen to us, hear from our customers

Thank you, Edwin, from Fourkingofficial. The wide range of awesome products had made my bucket list of items that I want endless. I consulted Edwin, and he gave me a list of recommended products that would not only optimise my time but also add comfort when using my laptop for studying and research.

I have worked for one of the biggest brands of IT products in Singapore, and I would say Fourkingofficial has not only products of lower-priced, but also products on par or even better quality than those big brands in the market.

I highly recommend Fourkingofficial products to anyone looking to upgrade their workstation, gaming accessories or lifestyle needs.



-Joseph Ang